Meet your healer

Hi, I’m Hari. I’ve been practising yoga, ayurveda, meditation and massage for decades. I have worked with various modalities and techniques in spiritual healing since 2008– I initially trained in India, and qualified with the Somananda Tantra School in Estonia as an Advanced Tantric Massage Therapist. 

I am a gifted healer, and I pride myself on giving my all to every client who trusts me with their journey. Recognising blockages in chakras and cleansing them is something that comes naturally to me, and there are many ways I work to balance the yin and yang within my clients. 

The environment I create and work within is safe, supportive and confidential, free from any discrimination based on gender or sexuality. I always prioritise my clients’ comfort, ensuring a good flow of communication at all times throughout the treatment. Tantric massage treatments vary from client to client, as everyone’s requirements are completely unique. 

Since childhood I’ve felt drawn to spirituality, and I’ve developed a strong sense of being and self. I pride myself on being a positive person in all that I do– from music, art and creativity to fitness. If you want to know more about me or you feel drawn to reach out, get in touch and let’s talk about how I can facilitate your own healing journey.


Feeling overwhelmed, yearning for a comforting touch, or simply in need of rediscovering yourself? Look no further!


How to book a session with me

  • A phone call or video call is carried in full to go through the ethics and see your expectations. If everything aligns then we can arrange a mutually convenient time for our session. 
  • Please allow approx 1 to 1.5 hours for our session.  
  • I always carry out a medical consultation prior to the massage and get you to sign and officially agree to the therapy. Once I’m happy with the consultation, the session may commence. 
  • Payment in full is required prior to the session. 
  • I do not see anyone under the influence of alcohol or drugs. A massage is not recommended to anyone who is pregnant and if postpartum must be after 6 weeks. They should not have any skin problems, contagious disease, fever or acute inflammation.
  • The therapy room is a sacred place which has been cleansed by meditation and spiritual practice, and I expect full respect of this. I request no misconduct or misbehaviour verbally or physically during the session as this will put an immediate stop to our session. The room has subtle lighting and a warm temperature to create an ambient atmosphere with relaxing music and spiritual aromas. I use pure essential oils with a sweet almond oil base which are suitable for most people. 
  • You must drink plenty of fluids after to avoid dehydration and dizziness which also aids in blood circulation.